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Financial Matters

Posted on Fri Dec 2nd, 2016 @ 4:39pm by Captain Braedyn Tann

Mission: Meet me at the Crossroads
Location: Andorian Colony, Rigel IV
Timeline: Current

The shuttle ride out to Rigel IV’s Andorian colony was uneventful. Fall had settled in around the time Braedyn was ten years old and forty-five years later, the weather had gotten colder, windier, and rainier, so the view was grayer, but beautiful nonetheless. When the atmospheric intercolonial shuttle landed, Braedyn zipped up his field jacket, pulled on his gloves and his watch cap and exited to the landing platform. He found the gate and walked into the shuttle port. Not long after he was on a train into the colony’s largest city. Once there, he took a bus into the corporate district and once there walked to the local Keth Dovoro office.

‘Keth’ or ‘Clan’ Dovoro were the financial wizards of Andorian society. They were the bankers, financial planners, and accountants used by all Andorian citizens, governments, and corporations. No financial business was too big or too small. If there was money to be made helping others with their money, Keth Dovoro was right there.
Braedyn’s paternal grandfather, Colrin Tann was a wealthy man, both in terms of Federation credits and hard currencies such as latinum. He had investments and business connections all over the Federation and beyond stemming from Braedyn great grandfather’s and great-great-grandfather’s time. At 105 years of age, Colrin Tann was ‘semi-retired’, which for all intents and purposes meant that he still ran everything except when he felt like taking the day off. Braedyn uncle, Jaxon Tann was being groomed to take over from the old man when he either finally retired or, more likely, died hard at work in his office.

Colrin Tann loved his grandson even before he saw him in person. He wanted Braedyn to have all of the opportunities that the galaxy had to offer. The very day Braedyn was born, Colrin began investing in his grandson’s future. He invested in markets both inside and outside of the Federation and created connections for him throughout the Alpha and Beta quadrants. The result was that Braedyn was also a very wealthy man and like his grandfather he had access to both Federation credits and hard currencies as well. That was how Braedyn had been able to afford the purchase and upgrade of the ship he named the Juan Cortina back in 2370 when he quit Starfleet and joined the Maquis. It was how he was able to afford the extremely expensive overhaul, refit, and upgrades that were just now being completed on the Cortina.

Tann Corporation began working with Keth Dovoro in the time of Braedyn’s great-great grandfather Krastin Tann. Krastin saw the opportunity to invest in the Andorians and jumped at it. It paid off in spades. As Keth Dovoro became more familiar with working in foreign markets, Tann Corporation began to work more exclusively with them. On Rigel IV, Keth Dovoro handled the financials for all of Tann Corporation’s holdings on the planet, both in the Andorian colony and in Polar City. They also managed Braedyn’s money. Keth Dovoro, along with their Keth Uporu lawyers, had protected Braedyn’s money when the Federation tried to confiscate it. The Federation claimed that because Braedyn was a member of the Maquis, his money was essentially funding terrorism. Keth Dovoro and Keth Uporu kept the matter tied up in the courts until Braedyn’s pardon came through. By then the point was moot.

Today Braedyn was set to meet with Kyla Dovoro. Kyla was his contact in Dovoro’s Rigel IV office. He arrived at the building and got security to admit him. He went to Kyla’s office and waited for her to come out. Moments later she came out to get him.

“Braedyn, my love,” she said. “So good to see you again! Please, follow me to my office. Can I get you a Saurian brandy? Of course I can! Here have a seat and I’ll pour us a couple!”

Braedyn let himself be led to a couch in Kyla’s office. Kyla was younger than Braedyn, and looked even younger than that. Braedyn sometimes wondered if she had a painting of herself as an old crone hidden somewhere. Whatever the reason for her stunning good looks, she knew how to use them to her advantage. Their relationship was strictly professional for years, but a few times, often after a few too many Saurian brandies, it had been more intimate. They never let it get in the way of their professional relationship. They were two consenting adults having a good time and they didn’t make any demands on each other. When Kyla had finished pouring their drinks, she brought them over to the couch. Handing one to Braedyn, she picked a PaDD up off of the coffee table, kicked off her shoes and sat down close to him, folding her legs underneath her.
“So,” Kyla said. “How long until you set off?”

“I’m not sure,” Braedyn replied. “I’ve taken on some people and I’m working on more. There are plenty of veterans to fill the unlicensed positions, but I’m having a little trouble finding officers. I’ve picked up two really good ones, but I need more. Am I all set for funds? I’ll use credits when I can, but I’m going to need some hard stuff, too.”

Kyla nodded and called up some information on the PaDD she was holding. She angled the screen so that Braedyn could see it.

“Both your Federation credits and hard currency are invested in such a way that you can run your operation, as long as you keep it small, on a percentage of the earned interest. The rest we’ll reinvest. We’ve set you up with banking locations throughout the quadrant where you can withdraw hard currency if you need it, within reason. You won’t be buying any planets, will you? That might prove a problem.”
Braedyn chuckled.

“I think my management skills are limited to starships,” he said. “I’m pretty sure that if I ran a planet everyone on it would freeze or starve or die of thirst or any number of failures of administration. And I’m planning on getting paid for what we do most of the time, so we should be fine. That said, it’s nice to know that we won’t ever be hungry, thirsty, or out of gas because of money.”

“No, you won’t,” Kyla said. “About that other matter…”

“I assume you took care of it?” Braedyn said. “Kyla, it’s important to me.”

“I know, and I did take care of it,” Kyla replied. “Your uncle and your grandfather have agreed to make you a limited partner in Tann Corporations contracts with the Cardassian Reconstruction Authority using your income from Tann Corporation. I don’t understand, though. You fought the Cardassians for over twenty years. Why invest in helping them.”

Braedyn let out a sigh.

“First of all,” he said. “There’s going to be a lot of money to be made from CRA contracts, so there’s that. But really I’m doing this so hopefully the Federation won’t have to fight the Cardassians ever again. Maybe they’ll even become members of the Federation. Look, they’ve never understood how to manage their natural resources, so they’ve always been resource poor. This resource deficit drove them out among the stars where they stripped every planet they could find. If there was a local population in the way, they conquered it. Sometimes slowly, offering the hand of friendship at first, but always with the intent of taking everything the planet had to offer. This constant need to conquer for resources gave Central Command the opportunity to wrest control of the government from the Detapa Council. Once that happened, there was nothing to check their aggression. If we don’t want the Cardassians to just go back to the way things were, we have to try and work with them to make things different. If I’m right, and if the Old Man agrees with me I probably am, this is a huge opportunity for Tann Corporation to do the right thing, look good doing it, and earn a big payday.”
Kyla put down her PaDD and began to run her fingers through Braedyn’s hair.

“Well,” she said. “When you put it that way I agree with you, too. So…you’re my last appointment for today.”

“Oh really?” Braedyn said.

“Yes,” she said. “And I’ve got that little bedroom just off of this office…for when I have to stay late or be here early in the morning, of course.”

“Of course,” said Braedyn. He could see where this was going but he was having fun letting it play out.

“Or if I just need a bed for something…like a nap,” Kyla said.

“Of course,” Braedyn said. “Napping is good.”

“So, Braedyn my love,” Kyla said. “Am I going to have to ply you with Saurian brandy before you let me lure you into that private bedroom off of my office for an activity that will hopefully be a great deal more active than a nap, or can we skip that ridiculous ritual and make love?”

“I think we can skip the ritual,” Braedyn said with a grin.

“Excellent,” Kyla said. She walked over to her desk and activated the comm unit, calling her secretary. “I’ll be in an intense conference with Captain Tann for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Please hold all of my calls. I am not to be disturbed for any reason, is that clear?”

The secretary responded in the affirmative and Kyla cut the signal. She walked over to the couch. Braedyn stood up as she approached. Kyla held out her hand.

“Shall we?” she asked. Braedyn nodded and Kyla led him to her private bedroom. She locked the door behind them, activated a white noise generator, and shoved Braedyn back onto the bed. It was going to be a long afternoon and evening.


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