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Business and Brandy

Posted on Tue Dec 13th, 2016 @ 11:07am by Captain Braedyn Tann & Gaenor

Mission: Meet me at the Crossroads
Location: Rigel System | Rigel VI - Sixth Moon of Gesh
Timeline: Current

Having collected some body parts from the Ferengi in order to prove to her employer that his ex brother in-law would not be meddling in his affairs any longer, Gaenor then looked at the human male who had briefly talked to her just prior. "My business here has concluded. Do you wish to hire me now?" she said to him. The Nausicaan woman had had a rather busy evening, and her hair was disheveled, but looks did not matter to her. It was a cold day in hell before she's go on another date and it had been an Ocampa's life since the last time she did anything intimate. The closest thing to intimacy she had was cutting out the Ferengi's tongue.

She turned to the waitress who was tending to the medical needs of her boss. "Clean yourself up and fetch me a drink, wench" said Gaenor. "Suarian Brandy" ordered Gaenor "Make that two. One for this human for making a girl laugh" she added as she looked at Braedyn. "You're either really stupid or really brazen to come here. Orions all around. Hope you aren't Starfleet, human. The Syndicate pays a pretty price for Starfleet personnel, more for officers. Double that for a females, but that depends on personal preference" she added.

Braedyn swallowed a little bile that had just erupted from his esophagus moments before when the Nausicaan had sliced pieces off of the Ferengi. That had been a little too intense for him.

"I used to be Starfleet," he said. "But I doubt the Orions would pay anything for me. Besides, I might have an offer for you that's worth more. You say your job here is done. Does that mean you're looking for work?"

The Nausicaan looked at him as though she would kill him then and there. "I am never looking for work" she replied adamantly. "When one job is complete, another comes my way. I am the best in dozens sectors with a reputation that keeps me financially satisfied" she boasted, though if that had been entirely true, she would have a means to travel. Right now her Cobra fighter was as dead as could be.

She glared at him. "If you have an employment offer, make it. I do not know how much longer I care to sit here pondering if there would be profit in clearing your head from your shoulders and presenting you to the local Orion Boss for a petty fortune" she hissed. "You may not be worth much, but enough for me to afford transportation."

Braedyn nodded. This one was going to be a controversial addition to his crew...if he could get her signed up.

"Captain Braedyn Tann," he said. "Master of the SS Juan Cortina. What kind of experience do you have with combat? Empty hands, blades, energy weapons, projectile, etc. I'm looking for muscle with the brains and the know how to help keep my crew alive while we're traveling around solving problems. The pay will be good, but you'll have to follow my orders and the orders of the officers I appoint. Interested?"

Gaenor looked at the man with a coldness that could chill an Andorian child. "I take care of business with whatever weapon and by whatever means I see fit if not specified in my contract" she said flatly. "I also do not like the term 'Master' very much, so you'll be wise to just say Commander or Captain around me" she added. "If you want to live, you'll hire me and tolerate my input...Captain. Though I will follow your orders so long as they do not put my life into too much peril or jeopardy. I am here to make a profit, but not at the expense of my life" she said firmly.

Braedyn chuckled.

"The pay will be worth the risk," Braedyn said. "And 'Master' is a technical term. It means that I am licensed to command civilian starships. But that's neither here nor there. Captain will do just fine. As to the rest, there's probably going to be a fair piece of peril and jeopardy, so you'll need to prepare yourself for that. As for the profit..."

Braedyn leaned in and whispered the amount of pay Gaenor would be receiving between base pay and bonuses.

More than I get paid working these dead end jobs she thought to herself, though she would not let the Captain know of that fact. "Your offer is not as insulting as your unattractive appearance" she replied. "If this payment is stable and consistent, I would be willing to remain part of your crew. Though I will leave if a better offer comes my way" she said honestly and bluntly. "Business is business" she added.

"Of course," Braedyn said. "So, you're hired. There's a place for transient spacers, those between jobs I mean, in Polar City on Rigel IV, which is where the Cortina currently sits in hanger 9 3/4 at Elkin Shipyards. If you need a place to stay, I can put you up there."

The Nausicaan nodded "How generous and unnecessary" she replied. "I have my own arrangements, thank you. The Ferengi who hired me ensured that I would be paid well and I intend to see to it that I sleep well in the best room I can find for the night" she stated. "However, I will be at the Elkin shipyards, hangar nine and three quarters after I rest."

Braedyn nodded.

"Very well then," he said. "We have a deal then. I'll be in touch. I want to give everyone the opportunity to stow some of their gear aboard and get a look at the ship. I think we have our first job already. I'll know more soon. I've got some things to do elsewhere, so farewell for now."


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