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Dazed and Defanged

Posted on Mon Nov 28th, 2016 @ 4:30am by Gaenor

Mission: Meet me at the Crossroads
Location: Rigel System | The Manasa

"Critical damage to primary hull" announced the computer after several minutes of taking a beating as Gaenor managed to get her vessel through an Orion welcoming party. A misunderstanding that they paid dearly for, but Gaenor was not without her own loss. Her 'ship' as it were was now a smoking heap of scrap metal Frankensteined together over the past year from various repair work after several skirmishes. She was operating on parts well out dated and past their prime. "CRITICAL....CRITICAL...CRITICAL" the word came across the visor of her helmet several times before she finally sat the craft down on the landing pad.

Once the landing struts hit the pad, and she popped the cockpit hatch open, smoke just bellowed out from the cockpit and the craft nearly gave way and collapsed like a parched ox. "Damn it!" she shouted "Fucking Federation technology!" she shouted even louder as she took off her pilot's helmet and threw it against the metallic and ploy synthetic alloy frame of the the old Cobra class fighter turned Starfleet Academy Flight Trainer, turned retired piece of junk scrap. Only Gaenor had salvaged it and managed to keep it alive for another year of service albeit under her relentless abuse.

The craft was from the late 2330s and saw service into the 2350s, then had been an Academy Flight Trainer during the 2360s. That had been its last official refit. Gaenor had some work done to it and modifications made, but The Manasa as she named her craft had definitely seen its last day. She had a job to complete that involved a Ferengi with a big mouth, and she was tasked with making sure he was silenced. I'll figure out how I'm getting back after the job's done. You did your job getting me here,'s time we part ways old girl she thought as she walked away from the smoking former Federation fighter.


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