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Red Red Wine

Posted on Tue Nov 29th, 2016 @ 1:00am by Gaenor & Captain Braedyn Tann

Mission: Meet me at the Crossroads
Location: Rigel System | Rigel VI - Sixth Moon of Gesh

'Have business, will travel' was more or less Gaenor's standpoint on matters. The quadrant did not matter, the systems were of little concern to her, and the more risky the adventure, the more thrilling the reward. Her years of serving the Klingon Defense Force were behind her, and she was more or less back in business for herself these days, having finally been released by the Federation. They had held her for several months, questioning her, and detaining her...filibustering her freedom with inquires and legal hearings. All because some fucked up backwards little world the all high and might Federation cared about had managed to use the weapons Gaenor had acquired for a wealthy member of the world against some people and caused some political coup that altered the balance of power on the world. People died and a government was overthrown. So be it. They weren't her people and it had no affect on her whatsoever except she might get more business in the future from it.

Though she did work for herself, she took jobs for others. She was anything and everything you needed from a smuggler, to a mule, to a dealer, to an enforcer. There was not really a job too small so long as the compensation was handsomely appropriate. Today, her 'employer' was a disgruntled Ferengi who was looking for his good for nothing former brother in-law who had stolen from him and was spreading the word about some things that her employer would rather he not mention. Being a 'female' made it difficult to get any work from within the Ferengi Alliance, but she worked around it by doing the work sub-contracting. In this case, she was working more directly for a male Yridian who took the job from the Ferengi, and the Yridian gave the job to Gaenor. She did not care if she got any credit for accomplishing the task(s) so long as she received the agreed upon payment.

Gaenor walked into the Ferengi owned establishment, a small bar on the sixth moon of Rigel IV, a moon called Gesh. The bar was called Tula's Grub Hub, but it was nothing special. A seedy little bar with poor lighting and an atmosphere that was about as lively as a Vulcan Center for Elderly Care. However, it was frequented by some of the more rowdy and unlawful types, bounty hunters, mercenaries, arms dealers, smugglers, or just the average miner looking for some place to escape work and the piss poor home life they did not want to go home to.

She walked up to the bar and took a seat at the stool. A Ferengi behind the bar approached her and asked her what she wanted. Gaenor intended to enjoy herself and unwind a bit before getting straight to business. "I'll have a Klingon blood wine in a stein" she said in a sardonic tone. "And it had better be warm" she added with a bitterness. "There's nothing more repulsive and insulting than cold congealed blood wine" she explained as she watched the Ferengi fetch her drink. A few minutes later the dark red substance was in front of her in a glass stein. She took a sip, swallowed and snarled. "This blood wine has to be the worst in the quadrant!" she shouted.

Braedyn Tann had left the Rigel system when he was eighteen to attend Starfleet Academy. He'd visited Gesh once before that when he and some friends of his worked out a plan to sneak over to the moon and visit the resort. They hadn't been disappointed but they'd caught Hell when they got back, brains addled from liquor and pheromones. The was Braedyn's first visit to Tula's Grub Hub. He'd heard that a variety of spacers came to the Ferengi establishment looking for work and he was here scoping out the talent. Er...not that type of talent. Spacer talent. He saw a Nausicaan at the bar and heard...him...her? Braedyn had a hard time telling the difference from where he was sitting. He heard the Nausicaan complain about the poor quality of the blood wine. Braedyn had heard rumors of a female Nausicaan operating as a mercenary. If this was her, she had an impressive rep for someone so young and inexperienced. Rough, he'd heard, and not afraid of criminal associations, which might or might not be useful in his new endeavor. Then something caught Braedyn's eye.

Is that a Kaylar?? What the Hell is he doing here?? It looks like he works for that very shifty looking Ferengi over there. Where the Hell did he get a Kaylar to use as a bodyguard? And why does that Ferengi look so nervous?

The Kaylar was given signal to 'take care' of the Nausicaan. Gaenor had heard the rumors that a Kaylar was in employment of this Ferengi, but it was not something she had invested much into until she felt herself manhandled out of her bar stool, ripped from her seat and thrown across the room smashing into a Dom-jot table. People began to scatter, though many just cleared way and left some distance as they encircled to watch the brawl like spectators at an arena. Gaenor pulled herself back up to her feet and looked at the Kaylar, letting out a bit of a hiss in his direction. "You don't have the guramba!" she shouted at him.

Blow for blow, the Kaylar had the height and weight advantage. If he got a good hold of her, he could throw her around like a rag doll and shake her apart. She could not...she would not allow him the opportunity. As the Kaylar came in with a straight fist towards her breastbone, relying on techniques of the Vulcan Suus Mahna, she rolled out of the way, a defensive action. It was not something she enjoyed doing. She liked to be delivering blows, not dodging them. "I have no intention on dying by your dimwitted hands, Kaylar. If you are going to kill someone...DO IT PROPERLY!" she spat back as she pulled a Nausicaan dagger from the sash tied around her waist.

The Kaylar lunged forward at her, but she was ready for him. She may had been at a disadvantage with strength, height, and weight. However, she had agility and a quickness about her. She caught his clothesline attempt, and turned into him. This lead her into being placed into a bit of a choke hold and was losing her grip on the bladed weapon. Gaenor mustered her strength to bring the knife up and jab the Kaylar deep into his kidney. It was more than enough for the man to loosen his grip to which she slid out and turned to face him as he staggered with her dagger embedded in his side.

"Next time, hire better" she said looking up at the Ferengi who was watching with pleasure until she managed to break free and sear the man's kidney. She reached forward tearing the dagger out of the Kaylar's side and plunging it front low and center into his gut where the dagger got logged for a moment, before she raised her heeled boot pushed his gut back and pulled out a very blood dagger. The Kaylar fell backwards like a collapsing tower of terror, smashing through a table.

Gaenor took the blade of the weapon, brought it towards her mouth and licked the blood along the flat side of her bladed weapon. "Terrible diet" she commented and headed back towards the bar where her blood wine sat. She placed the bloody dagger into the stein and washed the blood off by stirring it around, then slung the stein back downing the beverage. "Ahhh. Perfect" she said, "It just needed a little blood" she added before bashing the glass stein across the Ferengi's skull, shattering the stein.

Braedyn sipped his drink as he observed the fight. The Nausicaan could handle herself well. He was sure it was a she now. The Cortina could use that type of muscle. On a whim, Braedyn motioned to a an attractive, scantily clad waitress (most of the waitstaff were 'body beautifuls' with a lot on display). She smiled and sauntered over, hips swaying.

"What can I get for you, venerable one?" she asked. She'd been serving him since he got there. According to her, 'mature' beings turned her on. Braedyn had his doubts, but was keeping an open mind.

"Give the winner of that fight another stein of blood wine," Braedyn said. "On me. And make in the good stuff, I can afford it."

Braedyn flashed the waitress a winning smile and slipped her the coin for the drink plus a healthy tip for her and the bartender.

"Anything you say," the waitress replied. "Didn't know you were into that kind of thing. I don't know if I should be offended or not."

Braedyn chuckled.

"Not that kind of a thing, Kiara," he said. She'd slipped him her name and comm channel earlier. "Strictly business."

Kiara's face brightened. Her prospects were improving, or so she thought.

"I'll take care of that for you right now," she said. The beautiful Andorian woman winked and walked over to the bar, putting a little extra sway in her hips. A moment later, the bartender gave the Nausicaan a stein of the good blood wine.

The Nausicaan wiped the tusks and bones around her mouth as she finished the sub-par blood wine, only to see the waitress come and serve her another albeit this one already looked a hell of a lot better in appearance and scent than the garbage Gaenor had slung back. "I did not order another drink, wench" she said glaring at the woman. "Who?" added the Nausicaan questioningly after determining she was not expected to pay for the drunk as someone was covering it.

Gaenor took the beverage and chugged it down with ease. Her lips were practically cheery stained red from the blood wine, but she was pleased with the taste of this higher quality. She then looked over at the human male who apparently paid for the beverage she had just consumed. "If you are trying to buy me for evening companionship, I'm afraid you are too delicate for me to pleasure, human," she said bitterly. "Though the blood wine is appreciated," she added with a nod before belching out a storm.

Braedyn chuckled.

"This is purely business," Braedyn said. "And not that kind of business. What brings you to Gesh, if you don't mind my asking?"

She glared at him "Can't you tell? BUSINESS, and I'm still working" she replied. She had taken her eyes off the Ferengi after busting his head open a bit with the glass stein but he was still behind his bar reeling from what had happened moments ago. Gaenor reached across the bar, grabbed onto the Ferengi's collar and yanked his head downward so she could have a 'word' with him.

Gaenor looked the Ferengi dead in the eyes. "Your mouth is as big as your lobes, Ferengi. And they have gotten you into a great deal of trouble as you can tell by my presence in your shitty establishment. I didn't come all the way from Ork for nothing. Your ex brother in-law, Mork is not pleased with you ratting on his business dealings with the Ferengi Commerce Authority...I've been told to silence you to keep you out of his business dealings" she said, seeing the look of terror grow immensely in the man's eyes.

"Now wait...please just wait. Surely we can work something out...some blood wine. Kegs and barrels of blood wine, the best quality that I have" he began to gravel and barter. "I have two little ones at home. Please, think of the children" he added pleading for his life.

The Nausicaan scoffed. "Killing you would be too easy and an offense to my dagger. Your ex brother in-law gave me creative freedom to do as I please, all he cares about is knowing you won't ruin his fortunes and all I care about is getting paid' she said as she reached for her dagger with one hand and plucked the Ferengi's tongue from his mouth, slicing half of it off swiftly. She then took a hold of one of his lobes, and slices and good chunk of it off. "Speak no evil, Hear no evil" she said as the Ferengi was shrieking in pain. "Consider your eyes a gift from me" she said as she cleaned her blade and placed the tongue and part of the ear in a small pouch.

She then looked at the human "My business here has concluded. Do you wish to hire me now?"


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