Arrival at Kaylon IV

Posted on Sat Nov 4th, 2017 @ 11:34pm by Captain Braedyn Tann & Cara Vahn & Jaeih t'Hwersuil & Nal Rehu MD & Shanna Danar & Dimas & Marsha Mellow & Gaenor & Emily Harris

Mission: Retrieval
Location: Kaylon System, Gamma Quadrant
Timeline: Current

The trip through the wormhole had been uneventful, as had the trip to the Kaylon System. They ran with the weapons systems dampening field active. Marsha was able to adjust it so that any scans would show that they were armed with standard civilian defensive phasers, but all of their heavy duty weapons were concealed. The presence of the defensive phasers wouldn't look odd to any lookieloos (in fact, not having them would have seemed strange) but it would provide discouragement to anyone looking for an easy target. They hadn't detected many ships. They did detect what might have been a Jem'Hadar patrol at the extreme range of their sensors, but didn't see it after that.

Braedyn was in his command chair, Marsha was at Operations, Cara was at the helm, and Jaeih was at the tactical station as the Cortina slid silently through space towards it's destination. Gaenor was manning the Engineering station. Marsha was covering for the absence of Jonas in most areas, but Gaenor had just enough experience to monitor the bridge station. Doctor Rehu was sitting at the life support station, and Shanna, still in her guise as Bajoran spacer Amje Lana, sat at the sensor station.

"Marsha," Braedyn said. "Get on the all call and let our friends know our ETA to orbit please."

Keying the ship wide intercom, Marsha made an announcement in an upbeat and joyful tone. "Now hear this! We will be arriving at our destination in approximately fourteen minutes and should be in a stable orbit a few minutes after that. Please prepare yourselves for some archaeological excitement!" Glancing around at the others on the bridge, she grumbled under her breath. "Sorry... Old habits die hard..."

Cara couldn't help but giggle as she adjusted their heading to better enter the system and slowed their speed to impulse. "Now at impulse and beginning final approach. Captain, can we have the computer reprogrammed with Marsha's voice? That's the best announcement I've heard in years."

"Uhm, let me think about that..." Braedyn replied. "I'm going with 'no', though that was pretty funny. Lana, any sign of that patrol, or any other patrol or ships of any kind in the system?"

Shanna looked at her sensor readouts. "Not that I am picking up, but I am picking up higher than normal background radiation in the area. Doesn't appear to be a threat." Yet, her intuition as saying there was something out there as the hairs on the back of her neck were standing up--a sign she learned to trust long ago that something wasn't right.

"Keep an eye on it as we make our way from here to the planet," Braedyn said. "Also, once we're in sensor range of the planet, start scanning for Andorian lifesigns. Someone sent Thelor that message. Maybe we can get the 'Rescue Marooned Andorian Xenoarchaeologists' achievement."

At that moment Thelor entered the bridge, followed by the ever present Hahna 'Aldin', xenoarchaeology grad student (AKA Hahna Kor, Andorian socialite who thinks she's a terrorist).

"Welcome to the Kaylon system, folks," Braedyn said. "As soon as we get close enough to do a proper scan, we're going to make a few passes and try scanning for the previous expedition, just to be sure. Then we'll make planetfall and you can get to work."

"There is no need for you to land, Captain," Hahna said. "I'm sure we can take care of ourselves."

"Well, nonetheless," Braedyn said. "I'm going to give my crew a chance to stretch their legs. With such a small crew, the best way for me to do that is to land, so that's what I'm doing. And I have to give the ship's cook a chance to look around for exotic foods he can cook up...and hopefully not poison us all as a result. Besides, we want to see this important find that brought us all out here."

Hahna looked like she was going to say something, but stopped when Thelor put a hand on her arm. She scowled at Thelor in response.

"Fine, Captain," she said. "Do as you must. Just try and stay out of our way!"

Hahna climbed down the ladder to the lower decks. Thelor smiled sheepishly.

"You'll have to forgive her," he said. "She's rather...high spirited. I'm just going to go and make sure everyone will be ready when the time comes."

Thelor followed after Hahna.

Yep, Hahna is definitely the one in charge. Something tells me Thelor is sleeping alone tonight.

"If I have to say this," Braedyn said. "Once we're down there, no one goes anywhere unarmed. If you don't have your own weapon, sign out one of the pistols from the armory. Hell, take a carbine or a rifle if the mood suits you. And everyone carries a comm unit. Gaenor, did you have time to check Dimas out on our small arms? If things get ugly, I'd like him to be armed with more than a sling-shot."

The Nausicaan glared at the Captain. "And with smartass comments like that, David used his sling-shot and brought down the great Goliath of Gath" the woman said crossing her arms. "The proto Vulcan is more than capable of picking up a phaser and pressing the correct button. So, the short answer would be yes, Sir. Your pots and pans Neanderthal is trained" she added tongue and cheek.

Braedyn laughed.

"I got it, I got it," he said. "Don't judge a book by its cover. Point taken. Score one for the Nausicaan lady holding down the engineering station. Lana, are we within range to start scanning for survivors from the original expedition?"

Atmospheric flight. Again. That was the one part about working on the Cortina that Jaeih still hadn't gotten used to and the one thing she rarely looked forward to, even if it did mean a chance to experience some sunlight for a while. That thought, she kept to herself, but she couldn't help quietly snickering at the conversation between Gaenor and Braedyn about Dimas, their new Mintakan cook. Even being a non-citizen of the Federation, she'd eventually heard the story of the scientists who had accidentally exposed Mintaka III to Federation technology and the additional exposure to the crew of the Enterprise.

Lana tapped a few controls, activating the sensor array and commanding it to look for the designated target. We're entering range now and am beginning scans of the last known position of the team."

Braedyn frowned. Hahna and her pet xenoarchaeology professor had left the bridge without even waiting to see if anything was to be found. Thelor was probably just being absentminded. Hahna, though, she was just a bitch with cold heart. He fed some coordinates into the computer in the arms of his command chair.

"Lana," Braedyn said. "I've just sent you some coordinates. Try looking in that area. The ruins the previous group was supposed to be investigating were supposedly in that area."

Lana received the info and she fed the coordinates into the computer. The ship directed it's sensors towards the area and began to feed Lana's screen with it's discovered information. She was silent as she deciphered the information. "Well this is odd..." she mentioned as she tapped more commands into the computer to bring more deciphering computers online. "Picking up some Thoron Radiation in the area. The levels aren't dangerous to us but they're playing havoc with the sensors. I'm picking up sensor ghosts all over the place."

"Okay," Braedyn said. He hit a control on his chair. "Doctor Rehu, please come to the bridge. And while we're waiting for him, and before we ask our guests and have them feed us a steaming, heaping, pile of crap, does anyone have an explanation as to why there would be thoron radiation at the site of these supposed 'ruins'?"

"It does occur naturally as part of the breakdown of the periodic element Thorium. Otherwise, it is likely to be intentional interference, though I would not know who or why." Jaeih wasn't sure if there was natural thorium on the planet or not, but the element occurred in nature on several planetary bodies.

"Hmm..." Braedyn said. "Alright, Cara. Find us a nice place to set down near the sight of the so-called ruins and put us there, gently if possible."

"Gently it is. Aye, Captain." Cara was the best pilot in the galaxy as far as she was concerned, but even she was worried about the turbulence in the atmosphere she was picking up on her navigational sensors. That just meant she had to take it... ugh... slower than usual... "I'm reading some higher than usual ionic buildup in the ionosphere so I'll be closing the plasma vents during planetary descent. Artificial gravity might feel a bit heavy during the transition. Also, the closest clearing our ship will fit in that I'm seeing is about two miles away. There's a perfectly good landing pad next to them, but it's currently occupied by either a lot of gear or enough parts to build a shuttle or two." Semi-standard reporting, but at least there were some interesting little tidbits in there. She then began their approach, as smoothly as she could, cranking the inertial dampeners up to 120% to try to spare the crew any possible queasiness. Thankfully it all passed quickly enough and soon she was making a landing approach and setting down in the midst of a lovely bunch of purplish green trees.

Even with Cara being extraordinarily careful, Jaeih made a face and pressed her hand against her belly as the ship made its way down. To her, the ride felt rather bumpy and very much not fun, but no one else seemed to mind. Once the Cortina settled on the ground, she breathed a quick sigh of relief, making a mental note to speak to their new doctor about some sort of management for these situations.

"Alright," Braedyn said. "Let's get our guests unpacked and see where this leads."

Below Decks - Medical Bay

Doctor Nal Rehu placed a medical kit on a biobed and opened it. It had contained all the standard equipment, the same standard equipment that would be found on any Starfleet or Romulan vessel. Something’s were just universal in that regard. He checked the medical tricorder to be sure it was calibrated, closed it up and placed it back into the kit. The hypo dispenser was in operating order, and the vials of medication were current--as in not expired. There was a PADD and even some supplies like gauze and bandages for quick triage. There was also room for anything he wanted to collect. The buzz going around the Juan Cortina was not infectious, at least not to him. He was mostly indifferent to this assignment, it was a job, and if he was needed he would be needed. However, he also was glad to do a little bit of exploring as well. Maybe he wasn't as indifferent as he thought. He shrugged at his own thoughts.