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Lookie, Lookie, Here Comes Cookie

Posted on Wed Sep 13th, 2017 @ 9:54pm by Captain Braedyn Tann & Dimas

Mission: Retrieval
Location: DS9-The Brig
Timeline: Current

Of all the things Braedyn could be doing right at this very moment, of all the things he should be doing, paying a visit to the Brig on DS9 was not high on the list. It wasn't low on the list. In fact, it wasn't actually on the blasted list at all! But Braedyn got a call, a call from an old friend, a senior chief master-at-arms now working on DS9 as the senior Starfleet security NCO. According to the message, some kid who used to be in the Maquis, was now in the brig on DS9. The MACS thought maybe Braedyn could do the kid a solid. So, with an important mission about to get underway, here was Braedyn about to bail out some kid he'd never met. He arrived at the security office and was met by his friend, Senior Chief Master-At-Arms Zaaraa Lurthir, a female Tellarite

"Zaaraa," Braedyn said. "It's been a long time and I'd love to catch up, but I'm kinda pressed for time."

"Yeah, yeah," Zaaraa said. "Keep your pants on. The kid's back there, fourth cell on the right. His name's...Dumb Shit...Dumb Ass...Dimas! That's it! Dimas! Look, Braedyn, I told the Bajorans who you were and if you'll agree to take him, they'll release him to you. They just want him out of here."

"Alright," Braedyn said. "I'll go talk to him. No promises though."

"Understood," Zaaraa said.

Braedyn found Dimas and took a good look at him.

Dimas stood up from the bench he had been sitting on reading a PaDD that was so kindly provided to him. He was being quite cooperative albeit these people were still hell bent and solidly set into stone convinced he was a Romulan despite his best efforts to persuade and convince them otherwise. When his visitor arrived to see him, he was half expecting to see someone from his past...maybe someone he owed something to. Instead, there was a complete stranger there. The man was silver haired and studying him.

The somewhat young Mintakan looked at the man, studying him as well. "While I am grateful to finally have a visitor, I must apologize. I am not really interested in whatever it is that you want my good sir" said Dimas with a serene tone of voice as he brushed his long overhung bangs from his eyes. "You must have the wrong holding cell. I do not believe we have ever met" added the Mintakan.

"We haven't," Braedyn said. "I'm Captain Braedyn Tann, master of the SS Juan Cortina. I used to be Starfleet, with a short break to be a Maquis. That grouchy Tellarite out there thinks that you and I could possibly be of use to each other. So, what are you in for?"

Dimas glared at the Tellarite and then returned his focus onto the silver haired gentleman visiting him. "There is nothing that I could help you with, Master" he said looking at the man and studying him further. "I am NOT a Romulan. So, if you are looking for information on the Empire, I cannot assist you" he added as he retreated back to his bench and took a seat though still keeping his eyes intently on the other man, wary and cautious.

"The Maquis and I have history as well, though I rather not get into that" he said with a bit of a sigh. "Why am I here? I would love to know that as well. I could not really tell you for certain. All I know is I was busted when trying to do business with those...mmm those people with the big ears and bad teeth. I presume I'm in here because they think that I am Romulan" he explained rolling his eyes.

Braedyn chuckled.

"Ferengi," he said. "They probably figured if they could get you arrested as a spy, they wouldn't have to hold up their end of whatever deal you were making with them and then they could keep all of the profits. Oh, and 'Master' is just my civilian spacer ticket. The license that allows me to command a civilian ship. The 'Master' of a civilian ship is called 'Captain'."

Braedyn considered the man for a moment.

"No..." he said. "I met and worked with a number of Romulans over the last year of the war. There's kind of an upper limit to how pronounced their forehead ridges are. Some have less, but your ridges are far more pronounced than I've seen. And your brow ridge is larger and your eyebrows are a bit too bushy. You kind of look like some kind of prehistoric Vulcanoid. So, if you're not Romulan, what are you?"

Dimas just sat there shaking his head. "Captain, you do not have enough hours in the day to listen to my story. Believe me. I've been accused of being a Romulan more times than I'd care to admit, and that always leads to me being detained, interrogated, questioned, or if things get really exciting...people just want to shoot at my pointed ears and see my green blood smeared on the bulkheads. So, it doesn't really matter what exactly I am. Some days I am lucky enough to be Vulcan and other days not so lucky and people see Romulans where there isn't one."

"And now that we have that excrement of a male bovine out of the way, what are you?" Braedyn said. "Where are you from? What can you do? Give me something to work with and I'll get you out of here and maybe give you a job. Jerk me around, and you can rot in here for all I care. I'm busy man, so make it quick."

Oh why not thought Dimas with a bit of a shrug. "I'm Mintakan from Mintaka II. That's what I am and where I am from" he said replying to the older looking man. "I have no interest in jerking you. That's for sure" added Dimas. "I'm a trader. I trade furs and fabrics mostly, but I have been known to get my hands on a few exotic liquors."

"So you are a proto-Vulcan," Braedyn said. "How in the name of the Great Bird of the Galaxy did you even get off of that planet? If I remember correctly, your culture is still in what we call the Bronze Age."

The Mintakan scoffed. "We are or were Bronze Age" he said shaking his head. "In some ways we still very much are, but after the Federation touched are planet, things were not the same for us. Your people of course wanted to continue studying us and our progress. You opened a door and as much as you tried to shut and secure it...the door was still there. Other ships eventually passed through our system, started taking from our natural resources and we did what we could to survive. We learned to adapt. We learned that those foreign to us...the aliens liked what we had. We no longer were just trading among our villages and communities, we traded with the aliens that passed by."

"So you decided to hitch a ride off-world?" Braedyn asked.

"Stowaway" replied the Mintakan with a bit of a smile. "Not too many people are going to pick up someone who looks like a Romulan willingly. Probably in fear that they are going to end up dead if they do" added Dimas. "There are some very piss poor travelers out there. Don't do a thorough enough security check of their cargo, but when I am discovered, I usually offer my services as a way to show my gratitude."

"What services?" Braedyn asked.

Dimas looked at the Captain and raised a brow "Not that kind for starters" he said flatly. "I'm a traders of furs, fabrics, tapestries, and more. I'm a hunter, Captain. I hunt whatever beasts look like they will make a good cloak, coat, or simply a heavy cloth. I waste nothing. Bones can be made into weapons or tools, and the meat of any creature can be made to taste...palatable at the very least. Nutrition is more important than if it taste good anyways."

"Well," Braedyn said. "I'm not planning on hunting any wild animals and selling their skins, but did I hear that you might be able to make food that tastes better than what comes out of replicator?"

The Mintakan shrugged his shoulders. "You may not need me for selling fur, but if your crew is starving and our power usage is on the extreme end of conservation mode, you may want me to go hunting and bring back some food" countered Dimas. "That's the problem with you Federation types. You get so comfortable with your technology. It feeds you, it clothes you, it gives you a luxurious shelter, but when all that is ripped away from you...some of you lack the survival skills to make it. The Maquis knew how to live off the land and survive when necessary. If you want me aboard your ship, I will gladly accept. It is much better than rotting away in this menagerie."

"Don't forget, Dimas," Braedyn said. "I was Maquis, too. Okay, welcome aboard and we'll see what you make of the opportunity. Alright. I'll go fill out the paperwork and get you out of here. Sit tight and try not to piss anyone else off between now and the time I get back."


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