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Princess Diaries

Posted on Sat Dec 17th, 2016 @ 4:52am by Gaenor

Mission: Meet me at the Crossroads
Location: Juan Cortina | Deck Three | Bunk

Gaenor had retired to her bunk for the time being, and found herself alone at least for a few moments which she could tell on a small three deck ship with things crammed into it and several crew, opportunities like this were hard to come by. She jumped up into her bunk with a Nausicaan personal data device in hand as she skimmed through and did some light reading from a letter from home. It had been one she received several days ago, but had not found the time to read it while she was on her job. Though she extracted it from her abandoned vessel along with completely stripping the old fighter of anything useful other than the junk scrap. All her personal information and everything that could be traced back to her was gone. She more or less lived her life out of a few duffel bags which were now securely housed aboard the Juan Cortina

The young Nausicaan woman looked around and took a peak out in the corridors before coming back to her bunk and getting comfortable, even if it was just momentarily. She opened the device and set it for an audio recording, a message home when she could manage to send it. Though there was no telling when that would be. Gaenor reached down her shirt and pulled out a locket that usually was kept rather concealed, it often danged just above her cleavage. A heart shaped locket, old in design. She opened it and starred at a picture of her and her father taken several years ago on an old archaic Earth photography device. The picture was something she carried in the locket, always keeping it with her.

She closed the locket and breathed a heavy sigh. "Daddy" she said kissing the locket and sliding it back into her grey undershirt tank. Gaenor was just glad to know that her father was still alive and well. Or rather alive at least. She could tell he was not all that well even if he tried to say otherwise in is letter to her. The young Nausicaan woman had a tear streaking down her face as she brought her hand up to wipe it from the corner of her eye. Into the device she had set to record she spoke as calmly as she could thought also quietly to be discrete about everything.

Gaenor's voice was a bit shaky at first. "Daddy, it's me your princess" she said, a small smile forming on her face, one she would not dare let anyone see, especially this crew. "I know you won't get this for quite sometime, but I just got around to reading your letter, Daddy. I'm sorry it took me so long. I had to concentrate on the Ferengi job I told you about. I just finished it and will be getting the latinum from it soon enough. Please stay strong and remember that I love you, Daddy" she said trying not to sob, trying her best to be the strong young woman she was meant to be. "I have a new job now though. One that I think will let me make enough money to get you out sooner. I promise that I'll get you out and we can be a family again, but you have to stay strong and keep your health up there. I joined a crew of a starship. It's nothing grand, but if we get enough missions and I stay with them, I'll have a steady enough pay coming in" she continued.

A noise suddenly caused her to go silent as she thought she heard someone coming. "I'm sorry. I have to go now, Daddy, I love you" she said before closing the device off and putting it back into her pocket. She missed him terribly and she wanted him back in her life. There was nothing that she would not do to get him back.


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By Warrant Officer Haneri Ghemor on Sat Dec 17th, 2016 @ 7:02am

Nice post!