2 - Bajor

Posted on Fri Apr 14th, 2017 @ 8:42pm by Warrant Officer Haneri Ghemor


Ever since the captain had said we would be stopping there, I have felt a mix of curiosity and fear.

My government would have me believe the Bajorans were a savage and violent people with no concern for anyone, thus threatening the peace and stability of this portion of space, so we went in to tame their savage natures and uplift them into a peace-loving people capable of interacting with the rest og the galactic community.

Fifty years.

We occupied it for over fifty years, and if we treated the Bajorans like we did our prisoners of war, then I expect there is a lot of built-up resentment towards me and my people.

Will they see me and be reminded of how they were treated? Or will they be able to look past my appearance?

Only one way to find out.