1 - First Patient

Posted on Sun Feb 5th, 2017 @ 10:11pm by Warrant Officer Haneri Ghemor

I did it, I actually helped a patient—and an alien one no less!

It was a Romulan who came in asking for a set of light-filtering contact lenses—apparently Romulans have a greater sensitivity to light than most races. I scanned her to get the proper readings, then synced the tricorder up to the replicator and produced a set on the spot.

She tried them on and said they felt comfortable, then tested their light-filtering capabilities and they worked!

This is why I became a doctor—to help people, not just keep them barely alive until they died. I know for her it was not that important, but to me it was everything.

I can’t do much to keep people from getting hurt, but I can do something to stop their pain.

Is it bad of me to say I can’t wait for my next one?