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The crew of the Cortina is hired by Keth Claness, Andoria's mining clan, to transport a cargo of ore to a client at the Andorian colony on Cimera. They are told that another job awaits them there. After delivering their cargo, they are hired buy Keth Omtala to ferry expensive Omtalan textiles to Bajor, where Keth Omtala has entered into a business deal to supply fine textiles to a Bajoran clothing manufacturer They are told that another job will await them there. Upon delivery of the textiles to Keth Omtala's agent on Bajor, they are pointed in the direction of an Andorian archaeologist doing work on Bajor. They arrange to meet with this archaeologist. At this meeting, they are offered another job, one that will test their skills and determination.

Okay, this probably sounds very convoluted. I'm doing it this way for two reasons. First, I want to give you guys some time for character development (JPs with each other and me) and, secondly, because of who the client is.

The Cortina and her crew are being contracted by the Am Tal, a secret, non-governmental Andorian Intelligence organization that works for the good of Andoria and, since what's good for the Federation is good for Andoria, they work on the Federation's behalf...they just don't tell the Federation, or Starfleet Intelligence that they're doing it. For years SFI had no concrete idea that there was such an organization as the Am Tal. Recently, SFI began to acknowledge that their might be something to the rumors of an Andorian secret intelligence society, but their official line is that if the Am Tal exists, its activities are probably limited to Andoria and her colonies. They are wrong, of course. The Am Tal is everywhere. They work in segregated cells, each cell ignorant of what the other is doing. There is a small group at the top that has knowledge of all Am Tal operations.

In our case, what has happened is that an Am Tal operative in Keth Claness' operation on Rigel IV was given an order to hire the Cortina to ship ore to Cimera. On Cimera, an Am Tal operative in Keth Omtala was ordered to hire the Cortina to deliver textiles to Bajor. The Keth Omtala representative on Bajor was told to ask Captain Tann and his crew to meet with the archaeologist on Bajor.

We know none of this and probably won't know it during this mission. If any of us have heard anything about the Am Tal it would be rumor only. Remember that they are extremely compartmentalized. Many people who work for the Am Tal don't even know they are working for the Am Tal, and have no idea that the person who is working them for intelligence works for the Am Tal.

The archaeologist will offer us a job that will hopefully be more fun and interesting than hauling cargo.

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The Dominion War is over. The Treaty of Bajor has been signed. It is time to rebuild…or so hopes the Master of the Ju’Day Class Light Freighter Juan Cortina, Captain Braedyn Tann. The Juan Cortina recently served on contract with Starfleet in the war. Before that, it was a Maquis Raider. The Juan Cortina was damaged heavily in the Battle for Cardassia and Captain Tann has brought his ship back to his home world, Rigel IV, and the shipyards of Polar City for a complete overhaul and systems upgrade.

The Rigel System is located in the part of space where the Federation, the Klingon Empire, and the Romulan Star Empire meet. It is the home of the Orions, the Vulcanoid Rigelians, the Chelarians, the Kaylar, as well as Humans, Andorians, and various and sundry other races. The Orion Syndicate has operated here for as long as it has existed, and intelligence agencies from all three major powers use the area to gather information on each other. Almost anything one wants can be found, legally or illegally, in the Rigel System. Here, at the crossroads where the great powers meet, Braedyn hopes to find a talented, skilled, and most of all unique crew.

IMPORTANT: The canon we will be using for the Rigel System is from the Decipher Star Trek RPG source book ‘ST: Worlds’. You will be given access to a PDF version of that book up joining. The section on the Rigel System is not terribly long, can be skimmed, and is very informative and will give you a great background for getting your character connected with the Juan Cortina.