The Sim

The Juan Cortina is a Star Trek sim set in the year 2375. While officially civilian, she acts as a ‘special mission’ ship for various employers, including governments. She is equipped with various weapon systems, with combat rated shields, and a cloaking device. It also has an Andorian Weapon Signature Dampening Field which alters the energy signature given off by weapons systems so that they appear to be something harmless. Beam weapons look like Tractor/Pressor Beam emitters, missile weapon launchers (such as Photon Torpedo Launchers) look like probe launchers. The WSDF was developed for the Andorian Defense Force for use in its Omtil Class starships back in the 23rd Century. The Juan Cortina can cruise at Warp 6, get up to a ‘maximum’ speed of Warp 8, and in emergencies can travel at Warp 9 for up to ten hours.

The Juan Cortina is small and has cramped quarters. Currently, only the Captain has private quarters, but, depending on how big we want the crew to be, we can look at adjusting the sleeping arrangements.

The crew of the Juan Cortina will made up of former Starfleet Officers and NCOs and current Starfleet Merchant Spacers, Former members of Federation member defense forces (such as the Andorian Defense Force) are welcome, and former Klingon Defense Force, Romulan Navy, and even former Cardassian military will be considered if the story is good.

The Juan Cortina has limited medical facilities. Only one medical officer is needed and, while they can be an MD or DO, they don’t have to be. They can be a Physician Assistant (those are officers in SF), or Nurse Pratitioners (also officers in SF), or even an Independent Duty Corpsman (a Starfleet Corpsman trained to act without the direct supervision of a physician and to fulfill most of the medical needs of those under his or her care). The CO encourages you to think outside the box.

The stories we explore will incorporate elements from Star Trek Canon, STO, Last Unicorn Games (LUG): The Andorians, as well as several Decipher Star Trek RPG source books, not to mention what comes from the CO’s imagination. There will be opportunities for crew writers to expand the story as well. The CO has PDF copies of the LUG and Decipher books he regularly uses and can make them available on Google Drive upon request. There will also be information in the sim's Wiki once we switch from SWA's wiki and set up our own database.

Look around the site and ask questions if you have them.