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Name Dimas

Position Cook

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Mintokan
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description On the smaller end of things Dimas is less than six feet tall, falling several inches short of that, but more than making of for it in personality. He is a sturdy, lean, and fit young man. His Vulcanoid heritage gives him heightened strength compared to that of a human. Unlike the sharp edged haircuts popular among Vulcans and Romulans, Mintokans tend to allow their hair to grow out some. Likewise, Dimas has a good bit of growth and bangs that hang down, sometimes obscuring his eyes. He has been known to get pretty fussy with it and brush it out of his eyes when it gets in his way. His hair is a like black satin and his eyes are dark and glossy like volcanic rock. His skin tone is is on the warmer end of things in a slightly bronzed tan.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Don't judge this walking book covered in flesh by his cover. Though his ridges and pointed ears may instantly scream Romulan, he is not. His calm sardonic tongue spouting out peace and serenity may perplex you initially and lull you into the false sense that you are conversing with a Vulcan, but this wayward wanderer of the stars is neither. However, he is distantly related to his Vulcan and Romulan cousins. A contagious smile and infectious laugh will give it away that you are not dealing with a Romulan nor Vulcan. Far too pleasant, peaceful, and emotional to stereo typically be from these cultures. Dimas is soul searching young Mintokan male who has found his way off his little piece of the galaxy, Mintaka III and has spent the past few years making his way from star system to star system and starship to space station trading and selling Mintokan jewelry, fabrics, and tapestries.

He is quite personable as one sort of needs to be when trying to be a space peddler. The biggest problem he faces is his appearance. Most people mistake him for a Vulcan or a Romulan, and this does affect his business dealings somewhat. If he's seen as being a Vulcan that deters people who do not want to deal with hour long transactions and conversations on logic. On the flip side of things, Romulans have a certain 'reputation' around the two quadrants he's been in, and that often leads to unwanted attention and people wanting him to smuggle things...illegal things and sometimes dangerous things. Even when he is trying to be honest and is not looking for any trouble, that Romulan stigma seems to overshadow him and sometimes precede his arrival somewhere.
Hobbies & Interests Dimas is a man who is more than willing to try anything at least once as the galaxy is still very new to him. His species never had contact with aliens for the longest time, and he lived through first contact with the alien visitors that came to his people. They had been there before studying his people. At first his people saw these aliens and their ship in the stars as Gods, and their Captain as the overseer. However, in time his people came to better understand that the visitors were not heavenly celestial deities, but just flesh and blood mortals from another world and that there were other worlds out there among the stars.

Be it food, culture, linguistics, plants, medicine, or anything really, Dimas wants to see it and know about it. He loves telling stories and having stories told to him. Even as a child, Dimas was very found of stories being told before his slumber and having bonfires. Dimas is a student of life and a teacher of skill. He has always found himself to be one with nature, a fine hunter and tracker who respects and values all lives. Because of his people's 'Bronze Age' technology, he has a history of being a handy craftsmen of arrows, spears, swords, and knives. Though he's taken these skills and applied them to his love of art by making jewelry.

The Federation made accidental first contact with the Mintakan species in 2366. Dimas was turning 18 at the time. Though they tried their best to fix their mistakes and cover up their traces, trying their hardest to put the species back on their normal track...that track was already bent and whatever would happen to the Mintakans was not necessarily going to be the natural course. The progress from 'Bronze Age' to 'Iron Age' was going to come faster and more prematurely than their natural progression would have saw them, and some like Dimas were far too taken to sit around making swords, spears, and trapping animals.

Personal History Born on the third planet on the Mintaka system in 2347, Dimas was the middle of three children, an elder brother before him and a younger sister birthed after him. Their spacing was however, rather closed together. This allowed them to form a somewhat tight bond as children and grow up together under one household. Though as custom in the Mintokan culture, their family was part of the larger village community and traded with other villages on their planet. Dimas grew up a 'simple life' by Federation standards as his people were not members of the Federation and for the longest time thought they were alone in the universe.

His mother was a respectable woman regardless of her sex. Women in the Mintakan society had a place, and that was typically nearly equal to that of the men in the society, but in a somewhat complex and different structural belief than most worlds. Women often represented men in trade dealings and served as a voice for the men. They were in return treated very well by the men. Dimas' people respected the traditional roles, but his mother was held in slightly higher regard than the other women of the village because of her 'green thumb' and ability to keep the village well fed. She was a botanist and had a natural gift with agriculture even if his people didn't quite have a grasp on those words, they did have their own words which basically translates to 'earth talker', the equivalent of a really good gardener. Dimas' father was a trader and craftsmen who taught both his sons hot to make things with the resources around them. It was something Dimas really took to and exceeded his brother's abilities.

His people had progressed beyond belief in the overseer and other spiritual and mythological creatures for the most part. These superstitions and mythologies were now just folklore or only believed by a select few who were often held in little regard. However, when a unplanned and poor first contact with the Federation occurred, the social outcasts given more credit and the aliens were mistaken as the old deities of Mintokan mythology. Some opposed this downright and looked for alternative explanations for the strangers existence. These aliens tried to explain their existence. Some listened, others still were stuck on seeing God when there was none. As much as the Federation and the Enterprise's crew tried to correct the botched first contact, the damage was done and seeds were planted in the minds of many.

Dimas became a quite capable tracker and hunter as a teenager, supporting his family when his father became too ill. His father later passed away due to a strange illness. This lead Dimas to take on his father's profession of a crafter, blacksmith, and trader. He became well known for hunting Mintakan hornbucks and trading their antlers and fur after crafting them into tools and clothing.