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Warrant Officer Haneri Ghemor

Name Haneri Ghemor

Position Medical Officer

Rank Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Cardassian
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 115 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description With her slight build and childlike features, she will be carded whenever she goes into a bar or orders a drink--if there is still such a thing as carding in the 24th century.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Silion (deceased)
Mother Kasella (unknown)
Brother(s) Bronar (older / deceased)
Skrain (older / deceased)
Fargan (younger / unknown)
Sister(s) Taselle (younger / deceased)
Other Family Too extensive to list

Personality & Traits

General Overview A woman of compassion and curiosity trying to atone for a dark past. She is generally easygoing and likes to joke around with her patients to help put them at ease, but can be serious when the situation demands it.
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS

Dedicated to her profession, will do everything and then some to save her patients--regardless of race.

Eager to show that not all Cardassians are the monsters the galaxy imagines them to be.

Photographic memory


Worries about her past catching up to her.

Seesaws between joy at seeing the galaxy and grief over the loss of her family.

Freezes up in combat situations.
Ambitions See as much of the galaxy as she can.

Atone for her past.
Hobbies & Interests When off-duty, she often spends her free time poring over medical journals, seeking to increase her knowledge of xenobiology.

Whenever the ship docks at a new planet, she will play the tourist and take pictures of almost everything.

Personal History Right from the start, Haneri Ghemor was not like most Cardassian children. In school, while other students focused on their studies, she was more interested in the world around her, especially space. She wanted nothing more than to travel among the stars and see things that she had only read about.

The other thing that interested her was helping others. Whenever someone around her was hurt, she would be the first one trying to heal that wound. By the time she was ten she had decided she would become a doctor.

The other thing that stood out about her was what others referred to as her “rebellious nature”. She never accepted what the government propaganda reported, instead always asking questions about how and why. She especially wanted to meet other races, even if it was widely believed by her people that they were at the apex of all other races in the galaxy. In medical school her “rebelliousness” got even worse. She was not content with just studying the biology of other Cardassians, she wanted to study the biology of other races.

The day she graduated from medical school, her father had a surprise for her: he had enlisted her in the armed forces, where he hoped the structure and discipline would finally remove her inquisitive nature.
Service Record Her basic training, with its strict demands on discipline and conformity, were particularly difficult, but she persevered, determined not to give up on her dream. And when she received her first assignment, she got what she wanted, but in the worst way possible: she was assigned as the doctor of a prisoner of war camp.

This was her lowest point. She would treat the prisoners for their injuries and illnesses, but only enough to keep them alive, never to get back to full health. Her pleas for more supplies, better equipment and gentler treatment of the prisoners fell on deaf ears.

Her breaking point came when a patient was brought in to her. He was little more than a skeleton, and he begged her to end his life. Knowing her superiors would simply send him back to die once she fixed him, she gave him his wish.

That night, she decided to desert her post; she would no longer be complicit in the suffering of her patients. Then fate intervened. That very night was the night the camp was attacked by the Federation Alliance, and she was able to flee unnoticed amidst the chaos.

Making her way home, she saw firsthand the damage wrought by the races her government had labeled as inferior and she finally felt a measure of vindication that she was right, though she grieved at the price her people had to pay.

She was soon found by a Federation patrol and taken to a refugee camp. Even though she was there only for a short time, she was impressed by the skill and compassion demonstrated by the Starfleet personnel, particularly the medical staff, and once again felt a small measure of satisfaction in knowing that she was right.

She could’ve stayed on there, helping her people, but she now had an opportunity to fulfill her dream of traveling among the stars. It had only cost her everything she had ever known, but she was not going to pass it up.

2363-2367 Undergraduate Education
2367-2371 Medical Education
2371-2372 Medical Internship
2372-2375 Medical Residency (POW Camp Physician during the Dominion War 2373-2375)