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Name Gaenor

Position Master-at-Arms

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Nausicaan
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall compared to human females, Gaenor is rather standard in height for her species. Men are usually taller, though women not too far behind them in average height. She has long dark hair with dark eyes to match. Her skin is somewhat of an off white with a pale green tint to it, giving it a more creamy looking skin tone. Her mouth is somewhat narrow, but she does have the tusks and bones, an identifying appearance characteristic of her species.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Mercenary, Arms dealer, Smuggler, Bandit, and Enforcer are all words easily attributed to Gaenor to describe her historical line of work. She's young, but matured well past her youthful age, and has been hardened by facing death at ever which turn in life she makes. In fact, she's been running from death yet towards danger almost all her life. The daughter of a Nausican mercenary, she has followed in her father's footsteps and diverged off into different directions at various points in her life. Gaenor is full of lies and deception, and she's the type of person you work with albeit with extreme caution, never knowing exactly when, but being fairly certain she will turn on you and stab you. Though Gaenor is the type to look you coldly in the eyes when she does it rather than stabbing you in the back like a coward.

She makes allies as needed, but rarely makes friends. Always suspicious of other and constantly on high alert, Gaenor keeps her back against the wall more often than not. Though she is not assassin, she is a solider and more. Brute criticism is something to always expect of her, and if things are looking bright and sunny, she will haul in some dark clouds to add a dose of realism to the situation.
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS:
▪ Weaponry - From energy weapons to the smallest of blades, Gaenor has seen them all and fought with or against many of them. As a sometimes smuggler and a former weapons dealer, this woman knows her way around a well stocked weapons locker or armory.

▪ Physical violence -- When traditional weapons are tossed aside, Gaenor has no issues using her fists to do the talking. She has the strength of a really fit female Nausican which could throw the average human male around like a rag doll, though her strength is somewhat weaker than that of a Klingon.

▪ Combat Medic -- Have no fear, what the few bones she might break if you piss her off can be mended and wounds healed (for the most part in the basic sense). She has seen death and injury in her days and has picked up some 'battlefield' medical practices making her a reputable medic if need be, but don't expect a bedside manner.

- Diplomacy is for those too weak to fight for what they believe in. At least that is how she feels on the matter. Though she can 'appreciate' peace treaties and such, Gaenor sees them a temporary necessity for survival, but believes eventually war will occur. She's probably not a wise choice to send on any diplomatic teams unless negotiating with the Klingons.

- As though she were the Princess of the Orange Lantern Corps, what's hers is hers and whats yours is hers. She believes strongly in power and in greed. If she's doing something 'nice' it is more than likely going to benefit her in the long run.

- "Mechanically challenged" might be a kind way of describing the 'contributions' she can make to the crew as far as technology and repair work goes. The fact of the matter is Gaenor is excellent at breaking things and lousy (if not entirely useless) at fixing them.
Ambitions Gaenor lives for a damn good fight. She is a thrill seeking, blood thirsty, freedom fighter at heart and though she may say she doesn't care about the people she helps, part of her actually does care. She has no qualms about doing anything illegal as her past is plagued with immoral behavior and carrying out smuggling operations and illegal weapons dealing. Her greatest ambition is perhaps the ambition to live to see the next day, and prepare to fight another worthy foe.

Personal History Born in the year 2348 to a Nausican couple early on in their courtship. The relationship was highly sexual and not built for endurance. The relationship imploded with Gaenor's mother leaving before she was even a year old. Her father raised her through childhood and into her teenage years until he was taken from her. From there on, she raised herself.
Service Record 2365: Enlists in the Klingon Defense Force
2365-2372: Serves in the Klingon Defense Force
2372-2374: Smuggler & Arms Dealer supplying the Maquis
2374-2375: Detained by the United Federation of Planets
2375-xxxx: Juan Cortina