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Captain Braedyn Tann

Name Braedyn Tann

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 55

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11"
Weight 172lbs
Hair Color Salt & Pepper (heavy on the salt)
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Handsome middle aged Human male. He is physically fit and maintains his health and level of fitness. With the Human lifespan up to 121 years (in extreme cases 137), Braedyn has many productive years ahead of him.


Spouse Rayina Arelle (Ex-Spouse)
Children Maelana Tann (Daughter)
Father Professor Lennox Tann, Anthropologist/Archaelogist
Mother Professor Saraia Maecey, Historian
Other Family Various

Personality & Traits

General Overview Braedyn is an experienced captain and it shows. He manages people well (better when they cooperate) and employs effective strategies and tactics. He can be a big teddy bear when he wants to be, but woe to those who cross him. He tries his best not to let his temper get the better of him. As an example of him losing his temper, in 2370, angered over the final treaties of the Cardassian Border Wars, he quit Starfleet and joined the Maquis. If he hadn't, he'd very likely be a Starfleet commodore, rear admiral, or even Vice Admiral. While his sense of right and wrong still defines him, middle age has refined him.
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS:
Experienced Captain


Braedyn's instinct to right wrongs has gotten him in trouble in the past. He has to make a conscious effort to take 'a moment of pause' before leaping in to a situation he might not fully understand.
Hobbies & Interests Fu Style Wudangquan (Empty hand and weapons styles from Tai Chi Ch’uan, Xing-Yi Chuan, and Bagua Zhang, as well as elements of the Wudang Sword technique), Qigong, meditation, Yoga, other forms of exercise he can do when facilities, and often space, are limited. He likes to listen to Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Blues, R&B, and related styles. Braedyn can play both the electric and acoustic bass guitar. He can play the acoustic and even electric upright bass, but space is limited on the Juan Cortina. He enjoys Earth History, particularly Pre-Eugenics Wars history.

Personal History Braedyn Tann was born in Polar City on Earth Date April 30th, 2320. Polar City originally started out as a Human colony on Rigel IV in the 22nd Century. It stayed primarily Human for many years. In 2287 after all of Rigel IV except for the Orion settlement known as Sathura, joined the Federation the demographics began to change. At first there was an in flux of Rigelians and Andorians seeking work. Then even Orions began to settle in the city. Later, other Federation races immigrated to Polar City. There was work in the shipyards and the mines and in other areas of the economy. By the time of Braedyn's birth, there was a small, but significant, non-Human population.

Braedyn's parents had come to the Rigel System to study the ancient Orion Empire, a great society 100,000+ years ago, now a mere shadow of its former glory. Lennox Tann and Saraia Maecey settled in Polar City in 2318 and two years later Braedyn was born.

Braedyn enjoyed his childhood a great deal. Polar City was fun to live in and traveling with his parents to archaeological dig sites on Rigel IV and other Rigelian worlds, visiting Sathura, interviewing Orion nobles (called "Vazaks") was really exciting for the boy. It developed in him a sense of adventure, the same sense of adventure that led him to apply for Starfleet Academy his senior year in secondary school. He was accepted and reported to Starfleet Academy with the rest of the Class of 2342.

Braedyn, now an intelligent and athletic young man, did well at the academy, both in his space service studies and in his academic studies. Having learned Fu Style Wudangquan as a child, he joined the Tai Chi club at the academy. This was mostly done to keep up his practice but also because he knew that there were a lot of pretty girls who thought Kung Fu was sexy. Braedyn rarely lacked for female company. Then he met Rayina Arelle, a beautiful Betazoid cadet. They became fast friends and study buddies but for some reason couldn’t manage to hook up. Rayina decided that the reason for this must be that Braedyn share her opinion that they were meant for each other and it scared him. So, Rayina took matters into her own hands. She left a message for Braedyn to meet her in her quarters, sent her roommate away, stripped off her clothes and assumed a provocative position on her bed. Braedyn arrived and found her naked on her bed and seemingly inviting him to join her. In case he wasn’t getting the point, Rayina said “Well? I do hope you’re not planning to wait until we’re married.” He wasn’t and he didn’t. They were married after graduation.

Braedyn attended Flight Control School and got checked out on several starships, runabouts, and shuttles. Rayina left to be a science officer aboard the USS Muldoon. Braedyn joined her shortly after. In March of 2347, Maelana Tann was born. Families were not yet permitted on starships, so Rayina took a series of Starbase and planetside assignments in order to raise their daughter. Braedyn visited when he could, and called often, but their relationship became strained. The same year Maelana was born, the Cardassian Border Wars between the Federation and the Cardassian Union began with a Cardassian raid on Setlik III. Federation citizens were massacred. Braedyn’s ship was sent to the front lines of the conflict.

A few years into the conflict Starfleet purchased a number of Ju’Day Class Light Freighters with the intent of using them to combat the smaller Hideki Class ship. The Ju’Day was small enough to match maneuvering with an Hideki and capable of being modified to carry weapons. Braedyn served on two such vessels over a period of twelve years, commanding one of them for six years. He was decorated for his actions during this time. The conflict had come almost to a close. Starfleet had little to show for its efforts and frankly neither did Braedyn. He had spent most of his marriage to Rayina apart from her, and from his daughter. He visited as often as he could but it hadn’t really been enough. Maelana was smart and was accepted into University in 2363 at the age of 16. With her daughter out of the home, Rayina was able to join Braedyn’s command and for a time things were good. They spent a lot of hours making up for lost time. Things went well until the final treaty of the Cardassian Border Wars was signed and several Federation colonies were abandoned to the Cardassians. Braedyn was furious and it his rage destroyed his marriage in a matter of months. His wife transferred off of the Fitzpatrick so they could have a little space. Feeling abandoned by both his wife and the Federation, Braedyn resigned his commission, purchased a surplus Ju’Day Class Light Freighter, armed it, upgraded it, and took off for the Badlands and the Demilitarized Zone to join the Maquis. Braedyn named his ship the Juan Cortina after the Mexican bandit and freedom fighter of the same name. Not wanting to be connected to her husband’s treason, Rayina ultimately divorced him in absentia.

Braedyn commanded the Juan Cortina on many raids against the Cardassians. The Juan Cortina had more confirmed kills on Cardassian Hideki Class ships than any other Maquis fighter or raider. He led strike teams on raids into base camps of the Cardassian residents of the DMZ and destroyed a great deal of military materiel. During this time, Braedyn acquired a cloaking device from the Klingons and used it to conduct surprise attacks against the Cardassians. However, Braedyn steadfastly refused to attack Federation ships.

In 2373, Gul Dukat allied the Cardassian Union to the Dominion, who led a purge of the DMZ. Braedyn and the Juan Cortina barely escaped. A short while later he and his crew were offered pardons in exchange for fighting against the Dominion. They agreed and fought through the Dominion War.

With the Treaty of Bajor, the war ended. Braedyn refit and upgraded the Juan Cortina and is recruiting a new crew, most of his old one now gone back to their lives.
Service Record ==EDUCATION HISTORY==

Starfleet Academy (BS History)
Starfleet Flight Control School (Starship, Runabout, and Shuttle Pilot Licenses)
Starfleet Advanced Tactical School (Advanced Starship and Planetary Tactics)
Starfleet Postgraduate School (Distance Ed: MA in National Security & Strategic Studies)

==Service Record==

2338-2342 Starfleet Cadet
2342-2346 Ensign, Flight Control Officer, USS Muldoon (Miranda Class)
2346-2350 Lieutenant JG, ACFCO, USS Malta (Ambassador Class)
2350-2353 Lieutenant, CFCO/2nd OFC, USS Vulture (Ju’Day Class)
2053-2356 Lieutenant, CFCO/XO, USS Vulture (Ju’Day Class)
2356-2362 Lieutenant Commander CO, USS Harpy (Ju’Day Class)
2362-2368 Commander XO, USS Fitzpatrick (Norway Class)
2367-2370 Captain, CO, USS Fitzpatrick (Norway Class)
2370-2373 Resigns from Starfleet, buys surplus Ju’Day, names it the Juan Cortina, joins Maquis
2373-2375 Narrowly escapes Dominion purge of DMZ and Badlands, offered pardon to fight Dominion, accepts offer, fights in Dominion War
2375-2375 Leaves the fleet again after Dominion War, Starfleet, in return for Captain Tann using his personal starship in the service of the Federation, refits and upgrades the Juan Cortina. Tann recruits new crew and sets off for adventure.