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Welcome To A New Medical Officer

Posted on Thu Aug 3rd, 2017 @ 10:35pm by Captain Braedyn Tann

Hello Everyone!

Please welcome Ez, who will be playing our medical officer, Doctor Nal Rehu! To paraphrase a very funny old movie called "The Sin of Harold Diddlebock or Mad Wednesday", Ez has some big shoes to fill, but I'm betting he's got the feet for the job!

We'll figure out who's playing Emily from here on out or if we're going to replace her with a different EMH.

In other news, Ray will now be playing Dimas, our Chief Engineer. We'll keep Gaenor for the time being but try and replace her ASAP.

Crysta (Jaeih) has lost her internet for a while, so we'll figure out what to do about her as well. We might have to temporarily sideline her and have Shanna run Security, Tactical, and Intelligence, or divide the work between her and Gaenor.

You may have noticed that I've removed everyone's rank but Braedyn's. This is because I finally figured out that there were blank insignias to use. The only reason anyone was given a "rank" in the first place was because I couldn't seem to find the blank insignias. So don't be alarmed, no one has been demoted.

We'll be trying to get things moving again shortly.

If anyone knows anyone who might be interested in giving our little sim a try, I would be grateful if you could send them our way. We're in a weird space here. People don't want to join a slow sim, but in order to speed up the rate of tagging and posting, we need people.

I'm going to have to decide how to proceed from here, We were just about to take off for the main mission when we had a transition of crew, with some leaving, some switching their primary characters, and a new person joining.

If anyone has any thoughts on what to do from here, please share them and I will take them into consideration.

Thanks all,



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