1) THIS IS AN ADULTS ONLY SIM! It says so on the Main Page, but we’re saying it again here. You MUST be 18 years of age or older to sim here. If you lie about your age, we will eventually find out and boot you from the sim. Please don’t even joke about being underage, because the CO might just boot you just to be safe.

2) PLAY NICE! This is a leisure activity and therefore should be enjoyable.

3) EVEN THOUGH THIS IS A LEISURE ACTIVITY WE NEED YOU TO PARTICIPATE. Imagine if you joined, say, a community sports team for fun. Your team wouldn’t expect you to ignore your kids and/or your significant other, or quit your job, and neither will we. However, your team would count on you to make some kind of time commitment and so do we. Please only apply if you can login and answer tags twice a week and post ideally at least twice, but definitely at least once a month.

4) NOTHING IS SET IN STONE UNTIL SOMEONE HITS POST, and even then the CO can retract the post. Seriously, if you are uncomfortable with someone’s tag, politely say something in OOC or in a PM. Try to limit these expressions of your discomfort to situations where someone’s tag affects your character. You are NOT required to solve all problems in character. The CO understands the instinct to do that, and has fallen into that trap or been victimized by it a number of times. Some issues might be the result of a typo, a misused word, or some other misunderstanding. In these situations, please take a deep breath and then make sure you and/or your character have actually been insulted before you react and blow up the Joint Post.

5) YOU’RE NOT REQUIRED TO TREAT OTHER CHARACTERS BADLY. In character conflict can be very interesting. It can also make people very miserable. We are not just writers, we’re role players and things can get personal. If you want to have a conflict with somebody, have the courtesy to check in with them and make sure they’re good with it. This part is important, so pay attention: if you can’t take it, don’t dish it out. Things are not always going to go your character’s way and if your character is a real jerk that could come around and bite them and you on the caboose.

6) WELCOME EVERYONE, BUT…. Everyone is welcome here, but keep in mind that one person’s opinion is another person’s hate speech. If you don’t like a lifestyle or religion or race or gender or sexual orientation, keep it to yourself. Likewise, let’s keep RL politics out of the sim as much as possible. There are members of this sim, including the CO, who are either not Christian, not White, or not Straight. Things are very uncomfortable for us in the US right now. We come here to escape all of that. It goes without saying that the CO reserves the right to remove (and likely will remove) anyone who proves they can’t handle this.

7) SEX, DRUGS, AND VIOLENCE: No matter how high the CO sets the rating of this sim (and he reserves the right to change that rating at any time with no explanation) there will be none of the following: Rape (or Sexual Assault of any kind), Incest, Pedophilia, sex with animals, or necrophilia. Sorry, but I have to draw the line somewhere. ALL posts of a graphic nature will have PG-18 in the post title. If it’s sex, type PG-18 S. If it’s violence, type PG-18 V. Why? Some people don’t want to read about your characters bumping their uglies but have no problem with blood and guts and gore, and vice versa.

8) STAR TREK…FINALLY! Ok, this is a Star Trek sim, in case you thought this was a Dr. Who sim you were applying to. Your writing, your bio, your character sub-plots and development, should make sense within the Star Trek Universe.

9) Novel, YES, Script, NO: We use the third person novel method of siming. That means that you will write actions in third person and only dialogue in first person. We do not use the script method. The CO hates it. End of story.

10) CHAIN OF COMMAND: In general, please run issues by the XO first. They will send it on to me if I need to know about it. If you don’t get a response, try again. If you still don’t get a response, contact the CO.

11) FORMAT: Speech goes in quotation marks. Comm traffic is italicized inside quotation marks. Thoughts are italicized without quotation marks, telepathy is italicized and bolded. Text communications are bolded.

12) HAVE FUN! Like we said at the top, this is a leisure activity, so enjoy yourself!